About Us

At Higbie Advisory, LLC our purpose is to dramatically change and improve our clients lives by leading them from fear, doubt and anxiety brought on by the “Wall Street Bullies.” We help dispel the myths of investing by coaching our clients to discover the truths of investing that will ultimately bring them True Peace of Mind when it comes to their investment portfolios.


At Higbie Advisory we understand that investing for your future is scary and uncertain, especially in today’s economy. But, rest assured that we’ve coached clients from all types of backgrounds to successfully retire and STAY RETIRED with their financial hopes and dreams not only met but most often exceeded. We help make your American Dream become a reality for you and your family.

Investor Coaching

Through our Investment Coaching,  Higbie Advisory LLC empowers families to succeed as investors in order to realize their American Dream.

Portfolio Analysis

Our “Portfolio MRI” analysis can help answer these questions and give you insight into what is going on behind the scenes of your existing investment portfolios.

Strategic Portfolio Management

The concepts developed and proven by Nobel Laureates  in economics and finance have created the intellectual framework with which our money managers evaluate the risks and reward in the portfolios we recommend.

Our Experience

Higbie Advisory, LLC has well over 25 years of investment experience between it’s coaches.

We are dedicated to “Telling the Truth About Investing by Exposing the Lies of the Wall Street Bullies.”  Our mission Is to bring true peace of mind to our investors and all main street investors.  Our focus is to take the portfolio money from the control of  Wall Street and bring it back into the hands of our clients on Main Street!

We are proud to be associated with an coaching and investment management team that uses the economic research and strategies of Nobel Prize winners Eugene Fama and Harry Markowitz among many other economic academics.

Meet The Team


Our team of Investor Coaches promises four things:

To help investors define their True Purpose for their American Dream.

To help keep investors from speculating and gambling which can destroy their American Dream.

To help investors understand what prudent investing looks like so they can fulfill their American Dream.

To help our investors stay focused through our life long investor coaching program.

The Higbie Advisory Investor Coaches

Robert A. Stabile
Investor Coach
Joan Terradista

Our Coaches Are Coached To Be The Best

In order to excel in anything, to be the best one can possibly be, such as in professional sports, every player needs a coach.  It is no different in our profession.  In order for our coaches to be the best asset for our investors here at Higbie Advisory, LLC our coaches are put through rigorous weekly coaching sessions. In addition to that, our coaches travel to Matson Money in Scottsdale, AZ, the home office of the finest investment coaching facility in the country.   There our coaches undergo even more intense coaching to be the best for our investors.  We believe that it is not in our moral compass to do anything for our investors that we wouldn’t do for ourselves!

Meet Our Team's Coaches

We are proud to be associated with Matson Money a world premier Investor Coaching and Portfolio Management company with offices in Scottsdale, AZ and Mason, OH.  Matson Money serves as our firm’s first line investor coach and the exclusive portfolio manager for our investors.  Our clients benefit by having our coaches trained by Mark Matson, the world’s leading Investor Coach, and his staff of coaches.  You may have seen Mark through his appearances on Fox Business News, CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg and other major cable networks.   Through Mark’s coaching and portfolio expertise using the academic investing principles of Nobel Prize Laureates, our coaches at Higbie Advisory, LLC can bring you the best of both worlds, Investor Coaching and Portfolio Management.

Please note that Higbie Advisory, LLC is not owned or an affiliate of Matson Money. Higbie Advisory, LLC is an independent Registered Investment Advisory located in the state of New York.  Higbie Advisory, LLC and its coaches are a Co-Advisor for Matson Money’s Investment Advisory services.

Our Regional Coach From Matson Money

Alex Ash – Matson Money

Mark Matson, CEO Matson Money - Our Head Coach & Portfolio Manager

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